Election Day: Saturday, December 5, 2020

Proven Conservative Leadership

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Who is Lance?

Lance Harris is a small business owner who has successfully built multiple companies that spread throughout Louisiana. During the past eight years, Lance has decided to put his businesses on the back burner and went to Baton Rouge to serve his community as a State Representative. 

During his time in the Legislature, Lance has ascended into major leadership roles, including Chairman of the Louisiana Republican Legislative Delegation and Majority Leader for the House Delegation. He has been highly successful in passing instrumental pieces of legislation, including the nation’s first “Blue Lives Matter” law. 

Unfortunately, there will always be liberals like Nancy Pelosi who want to take your rights away. Lance is a proven leader who is ready to go to bat for us and give President Trump a strong ally in the House of Representatives. 

The people in the 5th district of Louisiana know what it means to work hard, and so does Lance. That’s why he’s ready to get to work for you. Lance needs your help though. If you’re ready to see someone who’s not going to play games in D.C., stand with Lance today. Let’s get to work.

Ready to Fight

Under President Trump’s Leadership, America is seeing a new wave of conservative values that puts people first.


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