About Lance Harris

Lance Harris, a resident of Alexandria, Louisiana, has served as the District 25 Louisiana State Representative since 2012. He is running for his third and final term.

Professional Experience

After attending college, Harris began his professional career with Guaranty Bank and Trust Company. After working his way up in the banking industry, Harris began his own company.
In 1986, he founded Leebo's Stores, Inc., a company that owns, operates and manages convenience petroleum stores. Now, Leebo's Stores, Inc. has nine locations throughout Central Louisiana. Harris also has Woodside Cattle & Pecan Farms, a producing farm consisting of eleven pecan orchards and commercial cattle.

Community Involvement

In the community, Harris is very active and partakes in many different organizations. He has served on the North Louisiana Volunteers of America Board, England Economic and Industrial Development District Board, Alexandria Business Incubator Board and many various community organizations.

Legislative Success

During his time in office, Harris has developed a strong conservative reputation for himself. Having consistently voted pro-life, pro-second amendment, and pro-business during his legislative tenure, he has become a strong leader for the Republican Party. In December of 2012, Harris was elected Chairman of the Louisiana Republican Legislative Delegation and ascended into the position of Majority Leader for the House Delegation, where he has served since.
Currently, Harris serves on the Appropriations Committee, House and Governmental Affairs Committee, House Executive Committee, Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget and House Select Committee of Homeland Security.
Some of his major successes in the House include authoring the nation’s first “Blue Lives Matter” law, which extends protections for police, firefighters and EMS personnel by ensuring that existing hate crime laws include this group if they are targeted for their employment status. He also authored an act that puts more budgetary controls in the hands of the legislature and ensuring that one-time money is not used on reoccurring expenses.


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